Analysing your test results.


I can help you statistically analyse the test results of individual athletes (for free).

In my opinion, group statistics should be left for scientific articles.

Perhaps scientists are most interested in general tendencies, however, coaches more care about the extent of changes in an individual athlete. Did he/she improve? How sure may we be that he/she improved? Is this improvement big enough to influence performance?

Until recently, I thought that the answers to these questions might be only based on coach’s experience. However, in works of Martin Buchheit and William Hopkins, I have found a statistical method which can give statistical support for our intuition.

It is Magnitude Based Inference.

I understand that coaches have no time to delve into math (if you want, however, see article). Nevertheless, mathematical logic can be useful in assessing performance and in making decisions.

For the analysis I need:

1. Test name

2. Pre-intervention results

3. Post-interventions results

What can I tell you after analysis?

1. Probability of real changes.

2. Amplitude of real changes.


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