Critical look at “Quiet eye.”

“If you search for a black cat in a dark room for quite a long time, then, finally, you will find it …even if it does not exist.”  Rephrasing of Confucius. In this blog, I will give an example of how a dubious interpretation of the facts leads to questionable

Mindful weight loss

Changing the style of life is the only true way for long-term weight loss and at the same time for improving the physical and mental state. We have to realise that our environment has changed and there is no natural regulation of energy balance anymore. We don’t need to climb

Split running workout for beginners.

Sometimes trainer may need high volume workouts for students who are healthy but unaccustomed to long runs. Such training may be useful for people who want to make a debut on long distances or lose weight. Whereas I am talking about healthy individuals, we should keep in mind that they

Extreme weight-cutting: No need for drama, mate.

If you like drama, BBC can create it for you. And sports drama is one of the most exciting things to watch. Extreme efforts, extraordinary sacrifices and even risking a life for victory, aren’t these the beautiful examples of human’s endeavour and great will? Or…consequences of lousy organisation, negligence, and