Personal training for kids


At an early age, athletes begin to develop qualities that will be necessary for them later. It is important how these qualities will be founded. There is a delusion that kid’s coaches are unimportant, or that they may not be as qualified as coaches who train adult athletes. Unfortunately, mistakes and inactions made in the early stages of an athlete’s development, will be very difficult to correct later.

Why is personal training for children so important?

I think there are two main advantages here: individual approach and concentrated session.

We all are different. Having an individual approach means that the trainer takes into account the physical and psychological peculiarities of your child. This allows training intervention to be much more effective and precise.

Individual trainings are more concentrated, which means that the trainer’s full attention is devoted to your child. Honestly, this is much more difficult and demanding for young people. However, this method is often more effective for developing technique and physical conditions.

Personal trainings for sport


This training is aimed at young, competitive athletes. It demands a serious approach and significant time investment. In such Sports like boxing, kick-boxing, and football, I can help as a comprehensive coach. In some others (e.g. tennis), I function as a Strength and Conditioning specialist.

General training

This training is for children who are not going to compete on a high-level, however, they want to be physically well-developed, healthy, and have general skills in a few sports. Training takes into account their ability, likes and dislikes.

I am beginning to train kids from as early as 5 years old, developing different motor skills. With older children we are working on strength, endurance and agility. In addition, I am trying to find out which sports they like and give them some skills in it.

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