Personal Training


Personal training is a useful luxury. It is not cheap. However, if you can afford a personal trainer, it would be a good investment. Here are the main advantages to working with a Personal Trainer, rather than training alone:

1. Qualified guidance.

Personal trainers help you to define your strategic aims, as well as short term goals. Based on this, he/she creates a training plan, which suggests the ways to achieve your objectives. The trainer revises and corrects this plan within the required time, depending on your current results.

2. Online monitoring.

A training plan is just general guidance. It is really important to observe every training session, making the necessary adjustments. A good Personal Trainer doesn’t stick on the plan if you are not able to do exercise, or may not be feeling good today.

3. Motivation

Sometimes, especially at the beginning of your “sports career,” you need a “stick.” Feeling lazy? Rainy weather? Doesn’t matter. Your personal trainer is already here, and he/she is not going to allow you to relax. The trainer runs, cycles and does all exercises with you, giving you a great example of fitness enthusiasm.

Sport Science Support:personal trainingWeight management

Tackling obesity is a very hot topic nowadays. However, recommendations from specialists remain a bit confusing. Which kind of exercises is better? Aerobic (e.g. long run), or resistance (e.g. weight lifting)? Should some restriction in food consumption be implemented? Does weight loss intervention need to be rapid and aggressive, or slow and smooth? Read more about my position statement on weight management

Functional training

Longer, Faster, Stronger.

Functional training aims to improve your ability to tolerate physical workload. Getting out of breath walking upstairs? Cannot do even one chin up? Or, dreaming to run marathon but find that even one kilometre is a problem at present? Then this training is for you. We will improve your cardiovascular and neuromuscular systems, make you stronger, and help you gain endurance. You will be able to do what you could not do before.

Agility, Reaction, Self-defence skills

I use my many years’ experience in coaching boxing and kick boxing to make our personal training more cheerful and diverse. This training not only improves your physical conditioning but makes you more agile, quicker and flexible. Besides, it gives you some useful self-defence skills.

And don’t worry-it is safe!

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